workshop foto collage in der Toskana

Sabine Korth bietet #Fotografie und #Collage #Workshops in der #Toskana an (3-sprachig, zeitlich individuell abgestimmt) z. B. zu folgenden Themen:

„Kreative Wellness mit Collage“

„Autobiografisches Collagieren“

„Träume verstehen durch Collagearbeiten“

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ToscanaBlues – digital paintings

i am glad – the work is growing steadily … image after image … I believe strongly, that talking about my home habitat I talk at the same time, also about our huge habitat with all the implications on the relations between, nature, animal and human being … explore – a flight in time between past and future – a literal glance under the surface – the opposite of “feet on the ground”… all this , flows together under my paintbrush, the digital brush of my ipadpaintings. The freedom of the digital brush stimulates my need for a spontaneous, quick, dirty, sketchy technique – painting with light. please visit my website: 


workinprogress from the project Strangeness

fragmented half images linger in my mind, just under the surface … a line in a book, a rhyme in a song. A juxtaposition out of the corner of the eye pulls it up … into the light …  like a printed image in the dim red light in the darkroom appears out of the dark liquid in the developer tray …

with the novel from Salman Rushdie: The Enchantress of Florence”

progetto Habitat – 15 – reading Robert Frank- verschobene Ausschnitte

… Experimente mit der Form … lakonische Stossgebete … unmittelbare Widerspiegelungen seiner Gedanken … Ausschnitte verschoben … nicht synchronisierte Bildsprache … Vielschichtigkeit und Fragmentierung … beiläufig …Impromptu der Erinnerung … Familienfotos.

aus “Essays über Robert Frank”, Steidl Verlag, Fotomuseum Winterthur, Urs Stahel, 2005, Seite 150, Text von Mirelle Thijsen: Sequenzen in Alben, Fotobüchern und Polaroids. 

progetto Habitat – 14 – painted backgrounds

Trying out painted backgrounds. Brown letter envelopes which have really travelled to my home in Italy. Paper with a hi-story … work in progress.

progetto Habitat – 13 – Bianco e nero parziale? – partial black and white?

Valutando alcuni schizzi trovo che i colori forti risultano troppo legati alla realtà. Vorrei levare in alcune aree il colore, non solo per far esaltare il resto, ma in prima linea per dare più spazio ad una lettura rilassata e aperta dell’ immagine.

Tecnicamente non uso sofisticate tecniche di decolorazione. Piuttosto tornò alla strategia di dividere l’immagine in zone, come se lo tagliassi con forbici mentali: in photoshop aggiungo una versione in bianco e nero sotto quella a colori e con il tool “gomma” eliminino le parti che contengono colori superflui. È un gesto molto liberante: Less is more.

E penso ad una frase di René Magritte:

“Cerco di ritrovare l’enigmatico nel familiare.”

L’ho letto nel mio testo in tedesco, René Magritte: sämtliche Schriften. Originale in francese: Blavier, A., Flammarion, René Magritte. Ecrits complets, Parigi 1979

“Ich bemühe mich, das Vertraute ins Fremdartige zurückzuversetzen.”


“I try to restore the enigmatic in the familiar.”

From René Magritte: Writings. Original in french: Blavier, A., Flammarion, René Magritte. Ecrits complets, Parigi 1979

Evaluating some sketches I find that strong colors are too tied to reality. I would like to get rid of the color in some sections, not only in order to make stand out the others, but rather to give more space to a relaxed and open reading of the image.

Technically I do not use sophisticated techniques of discoloration. Rather I return to the strategy of dividing the image into zones, as if cut out it with mental scissors: in photoshop I add a version in black and white under the color image and erase with the rubber tool parts that contain distracting colors. It is a very liberating gesture: Less is more!

progetto Habitat – 11 – Checkpoint Charlie – Vintage

backstage – sul mio tavolo si creano degli incontri. Pinguino meets Berlin Wall. Foto vintage del Checkpoint Charlie a Berlin sono emerse dal mio archivio …

backstage – progetto Habitat – Checkpoint Charlie Berlin

backstage – encounters on my table. Penguin meets Berlin Wall. Vintage photos of Checkpoint Charlie in Berlin emerged from my archives …

Happy New Year 2017

… my wish: to never stop finding the magic in daily life 😉

A magic dwells in each beginning,
protecting us, telling us how to live.

Hermann Hesse – Steps – Stufen