collage-readymade? about


what, how, who, why and when!

What is exactly “collage readymade”? A simple and fun method to combine and juxtapose images, bits and pieces from objects you find, see, notice during your everyday life or lying around in your home. Notice the correlations, the new meanings that are arising, add a word, a sentence which comes to your mind, a quote which resonates with you today. And then: or make a collage with the cut and paste technique, or: take a picture. Photograph it with the device you have at hands. A digital camera, a cellphone. Take this image as a visual statement you made in this moment. It is a unique piece, it will never be exactly like that again, is you remove one element or shift the position of one peace, it will tell a very different story.

The power of collage, translated into a modern, easy and fun method. You can do it everywhere, any time with no need of special tools and materials. The quality of this immediate artistic act is coherent to the “Zeitgeist” of the area of digital gadgets and cellphone photography.

No need to save the pieces that build your Collage Readymade, keep the picture, print it, consult it over times and listen to the story it has to tell you. A never ending story. The magic of collage. You will realise that the story changes as life goes on, as you, the reader of the collage changes.